Flying Dragons LOVE Aptus.

What does a British Flyball Championship winner Maureen Hendry have to say about Aptus Sport X Hydration drink and Aptus Apto-Flex joint supplement?   "My 11 Year Old Collie Storm has been on Aptus joint Supplement for just over a week now and I can already see the change in him.  We have done a … Continue reading Flying Dragons LOVE Aptus.


Letter from a senior dog.

Dear human, Thank you for giving me shelter and providing me daily food. Thank you for the belly rubs and for the walks in the woods, especially on those rainy days when I know you didn't really feel like leaving the house. Thank you for treating me like a family member and giving me clear … Continue reading Letter from a senior dog.

Borys The Dog & Spacja The Talking Cat

Woff. My name is Borys. My handsome looks and irresistible charm may be too much for most of you but I'm here to tell you my story. Or better yet - about my life. I know this blog is full of sad stories with happy endings. WARNING. This is not one of those stories. This … Continue reading Borys The Dog & Spacja The Talking Cat