Woof there,

My name is Rosie. I live with my little brother Chunkie at a house that is also a doggy daycare called “Camp Cara.” We have tons of goofy doggy friends, some of them stay with us for a day, some stay for a whole weekend. We usually play in the garden and beg for cookies and other treats from our human, Cara.

The humans asked me to tell you a story of how I tore my Cranial Cruciate Ligament (I guess in human world it’s called ACL) last spring. I had to see my veterinarian many times, and finally went through surgery. After the surgery, Cara started to mix this yummy tasting syrup with my food. It’s called Aptus Apto-Flex and I’m supposed to tell you how it made me feel better and helped me heal super quickly. Which is all true – but I want to talk about a more important issue today.

My human bought me duck pajamas. Yes. You read that correctly. What is wrong with people? What is the purpose of me prancing around with this thing on?! Chunkie can’t stop barking and rolling on the floor laughing, he says I now look like a confused puppy dog. All the humans visiting us start to giggle and some even point their finger at me. The bright side to this tragedy is that after they point and laugh, they feel so bad about making fun of me, I always get a cookie or two. It’s easy work, really. When I hear someone by the door, I walk over, sit and look cute, and they treat me with cookies and cuddles.

So my message to you, my lovely friends, is: If your human one day goes a bit mad and gets you silly duck pajamas, or other accessory you’re not very fond of, don’t worry. There’s always a way to turn your misfortune into success and a belly full of yummy treats. Stay strong, my doggy friends, and remember that as annoying our humans may be, they still love us like crazy and wish only good things our way. Minus the ducking pajamas.


P.S. If you want to read more about Aptus and their tasty Apto-Flex joint supplement, please click here >>><<<



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