Letter from a senior dog.


Dear human,

Thank you for giving me shelter and providing me daily food. Thank you for the belly rubs and for the walks in the woods, especially on those rainy days when I know you didn’t really feel like leaving the house. Thank you for treating me like a family member and giving me clear rules on how to live with you under the same roof.

As I grow older I may become more slow and weak but my love and loyalty towards you have never been stronger. Thank you for understanding my puppy days are long gone, for letting me sleep in and taking shorter walks when it’s cold outside. If you stare into my eyes you will see the gratitude I feel towards you and for all you do.

Please understand that you are all I have. When I need to see a vet and need a new comfy bed, know that I appreciate everything you provide. Your patience and soft hand mean the world to me. You can tell by my wagging tail and soft eye. Know that I will always protect you and never leave you alone. You are all I have. You are my whole world.

Thank you for the friendship I have found in you and for welcoming me to your home. I hope you stay by me when it’s my time to go just as I have stayed by you all these years. You are my safe place and when you are present I know everything will be ok. Thank you for letting me love you for the time we’ve had together and please know that I will always be with you, even if one day you can’t pet my fur or hear my step. Keep me in your heart and know that I am always yours.

With love,
Your senior dog


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