What does the Head trainer and owner of East London Dog Training, Kamal Fernandez, have to say about Aptus pet health products?

Just wanted to post a thank you message! I have recently trialled Aptus with my two 9yr olds, a malinois bitch who has a lifetime of leaving in the fast lane and rescue collie who has had off and on lameness throughout his life…. I cant believe the difference since being on your product! But are visible more comfortable, sound and most definitely happier in themselves! Its like they have gone back in time! Thanks for giving me two 6yr olds again!!!! Would highly recommend to anyone…. my only complaint is that, now both of them are even more full of energy then ever!!! I am having to find new ways to wear them out!!!!!! Thanks for giving my dogs a new lease of life!
– Kamal Fernandez
— — —
Woof Kamal! Seamus here. Your doggies sound like me – bundles of energy! Pawsome!!!Please send them my woofs and keep up the good work. I know how it can be a lot of work to be a human Papa for active dogs but hey – we’re worth it! Just don’t tell my Mama any dog trainer tricks or secrets, ok? I would like to keep outsmarting her. But your dogs are cool, you must be a fantastic doggy trainer!
Brrrwuf to you all,
P.S. You can sniff around and learn more about Aptus (YUM) Apto-Flex and Sport X at http://www.aptuspet.co.uk

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