Wrrrrrfuff my friends! Seamus here. Long time no wuf! I have been super busy playing with my bunny friends and enjoying the sunshine outside. My sniffing ground is finally starting to melt and all delicious smells are coming out! I can’t wait to get my tan on and lay on our backyard all day long. The best news about this thing the humans call “spring?” My Mama will stop clothing me in ridiculous fleece sweaters which make all the neighborhood dogs BOFL as I walk by. It’s humiliating – really.

Papa and I have been taking long walks every afternoon. We go and explore all kinds of woods, fields and ocean side. Just the other day I saw horses and ponies on the field! I, of course, played it cool as I grew up on horse farms. They are like big puppies really, I don’t know what the fuss is all about. But hey guys… if you ever hang around with one of these big puppies, do not go behind them! My Mama always says they might kick me.

One day while we were out exploring we passed the horse paddock again. My silly humans kept staring at the wrong way and talking something about a “fox” while I was admiring my new friends galloping on their field. BOL! Humans – they clearly don’t know how to focus on exciting and new things around them. Sometimes I force them to as I pull them around the dirt roads when I get a real good scent. This makes them really mad so I make sure I start behaving quick after and pretend nothing ever happened.

One of the fields near by the big puppies has these cool little jumps on it! I always go and gallop around, jumping these extremely difficult jumps. I’m really, really good at it. I think I’m ready for my own saddle now. Sometimes after jumping and galloping my legs and paws feel a bit achy. My human Mama gives me this treat called Aptus Apto-Flex. I don’t know what it does really but I love the taste! She tells me it helps my joints stay healthy as I am “a bundle of energy.” For the longest time I thought that was my real name.

Anywoof, must go, there’s a fat red squirrel on our backyard!

With Woofs,
Seamus – the stallion


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