Vladimir – The Lottery Winner


Brrrrvuf everyone! My last paw-mail got me tons of fans and positive ear cookies so here I am! I’m back to tell you about my recent adventures. Last time we woofed, I was still at a sniffing ground called Lithuania, living with a moody cat and visiting the vets office regularly. Remember I told you that everyone kept telling me “You won the puppy lottery?” Well now I think I know why.

Last week I got to go on a ride with tons of other puppies and older dogs. I was very excited to meet new friends and to go on a joy ride! However, this time the ride took way longer than it usually does (when we visit my local veterinarian clinic). Some of my new friends started to get a bit antsy, some were even a bit scared. I told them not to worry – this is all great fun! I tried to roll over and play dead in my traveling box but for some reason it make the older dogs even more anxious. So I got really bored and decided to take a nap.

When our joy ride was finally over, it was already dark outside. The nice people I’ve seen at the clinic put a leash on me and off we went, hopping towards a building next to our puppy-limo. Once I got inside I saw them – two young human girls who were looking straight at me smiling and awww’ing. I know that I’m the coolest thing on earth but usually it takes others some time to understand this hard-boiled fact. These two girls seemed to get it instantly. So I got super excited, ran over to them and licked their faces. They seemed to like me even more after that.

I got to go on another car ride and sit between my new best friends. I was really tired after all that entertaining and travelling so I took yet another nap. Every now and then I would get up and lick everyone’s face and then go back to ZzzZ-land. I woke up as we arrived to a way bigger house than what I lived in before. I went inside and sniffed around while my new best friends followed my every step. They gave me bunch of new toys – way nicer than what I used to steal from my cat friend!

I’ve been in this big house full of toys and love for a week now. Everything is great, especially my company. There’s a bigger human in the house as well and he likes to wrestle with me. The two girls take care of me, cleaning my paws and petting me and I get to sleep in their bed as well. Day time I get to nap alone in the house and sometimes I start missing my new best friends – a lot. I found these great fabric rags just hanging in the same room where my doggy bed is. So I decided to pull all the rags down and make a nest out of them. It’s great – they smell like my new friends and make my bed even comfier than it already was. Tomorrow I will learn how to open some closets and hopefully find more nest building material.

Anywoof, just letting you know where I am! I’m super happy, eating well and loving life. I think when I grow up I want to help and build nests for other dogs just like me. So that everyone can find their very own house full of love and toys.

Wrrrrrruf for now,

Vladimir – The Lottery Winner



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