Borys The Dog & Spacja The Talking Cat


Woff. My name is Borys. My handsome looks and irresistible charm may be too much for most of you but I’m here to tell you my story. Or better yet – about my life. I know this blog is full of sad stories with happy endings. WARNING. This is not one of those stories. This story has a happy beginning… and happy ending. Just happiness. That is my life.

I live in a house with my humans who adore me. I protect my Human-Mama more than anything else. I protect her from the mail-man, from strangers and from other dogs. She is my whole world and I would do anything for her. My Human-Papa is also cool… but he doesn’t need as much protection, I think. He works at a place full of pet products called Aptus. That’s partly why I look so marvelous. I’m super healthy. My Human-Papa plays with me and he always says that boxer dogs (I think that’s me) are the reason why he ended up meeting my Human-Mama. Rumor has it that my Human-Mama had a dog before me (I doubt this is true, I think I’m her one and only… even if I wasn’t born yet) and she was at a park with this rumor-dog. The rumor-dog had gone and said hi to my Human-Papa and this is how they met. I think it’s all thanks to me – even if I wasn’t there. Because now they have me to love.

And last but not least, there’s my best friend… Spacja The Cat. She is great and fun to hang out with. We usually tan together at the patio or try and steal cookies from the humans. Spacja is extremely talkative. I mean extremely. Actually she never shuts up. She is constantly telling the humans what to do. And me. I always listen because she is way smarter than me. And it’s ok – I’m way more handsome and charming. So there’s balance.

Anywuf, gotta go… Spacja wants to go tanning and she is loudly telling me to bring cookies to the patio. Better go and investigate the kitchen.

With cookie breath,

Borys & Spacja


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