Vladimir – Wannabe Tough Puppy



Brrrwuf! My name is Vladimir. I’m a wild and dangerous husky mix puppy. I am located at a sniffing ground called Lithuania. My favorite thing is when people pet me and give me food. My least favorite thing is when they say “awwww how cute!” even though I consider myself to be super tough. I forgive them though – for belly rubs.

My early days were not very nice. I was kicked and abandoned by people. No-one really took any interest in me and it seemed I was always in their way. I was very lonely. This is when I decided that I will be the toughest cookie in the hood. I believed there was someone out there who would actually like me, just as I like everyone I meet.

One day I was taken to a new place. And guess what?! I got to live inside!!! There’s small and bigger humans around and also a cat. I adore that sassy cat! Once I really, really wanted to play with her and would not take NO for an answer. The little bugger scratched my eye! Fine, fine! I get the point! Playtime is limited. A quick visit to the vets office plus some eye drops and ointment stopped my eye from hurting. I came back to the warm place and apologized the cat. We are again friends.

Oh yes – the vet! I’ve been there a lot lately. They mostly just pet me and “awwww” on me. But they are also filling out a lot of papers and telling me that I’m a “Lucky Boy.” They also keep mentioning this thing called “airplane” where I get to go soon. Is it some sort of food? (YUM – excited).

I believe I’m about to start a great adventure. I have no idea what it is but the humans around me seem super thrilled about it! So I am too! Stay tuned and I will tell you more about it.




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