Shawn – the Ex Gangsta Cat


YO! My name is Shawn The Cat. I used to be a real life gangsta. An outlaw. Desperado. Highwayman. Hooligan. My fur was rough and I always smelled like smoke. My paws were rough and broken but I never complained. I chased mice and slept on pavement. I was a cool cat. Feared and respected.

What other street kitties didn’t know was that I was lonely. I needed a friend. Also – my paws really, really hurt and I was always dreaming of supplements, vitamins and other magical things I heard the pet cats and dogs talk about. I also wished someone would pet my head and tell me I’m special. I started to actively look for a true friend.

My true friend hunt started among the street dogs. I had spotted a few Bull terriers who seemed to always have fun together. I headed over and stopped next to them. They were in the middle of eating a huge bone they had found behind the dumpster. “Meouuwww?” I asked. They stopped munching for a second and stared at me with wide eyes. Then they stared at each other… and started munching again. I wondered how many years it would take me to learn how to speak dog. After a quick calculation I walked away. Search for a true friend continued.

Next I saw a fluffy red squirrel with a big belly eating nuts out of a bird house. I decided to sneak up to him as I wasn’t sure if squirrels are afraid of cats. Especially cool looking, gangsta-like cats as myself. The red fluffy creature kept eating the nuts with its head deep inside the bird house. I sat next to him and waited. And waited. “I don’t want to spook him… don’t spook him… if he poops his tail it would be embarrassing for both of us…” But the fluffy squirrel just kept eating. My impatience grew and grew. Finally I decided to give up. I needed a friend who would be more into chatting and hanging out than eating. Squirrels apparently did not fit into that category.

Then I saw it. A big house with a green garden. I saw two girls laughing and chatting with one another. I heard the other girl was called Enya. I watched them for a long time and decided to enter the garden. The garden was amazing. It was warm and I was able to find shelter all over the place. It was easy to hide in there. I decided to stay. The girl, Enya, visited me and gave me this amazing thing called “wet food”. Now the street dogs had told me never to trust human beings. That they are not nice species. So I kept running away when the girls brought me food or wanted to chat.

Time went by and I stayed in the cozy garden. Sometimes Enya would leave the house door open. I started to visit the house. Boy it was warm in there! I found soft places to lay on and there was always fresh water and food around with my name on it. I even let the girls pet my head because they never did anything bad to me. I felt safe around them. My paws started to heal and my fur was suddenly soft and spotless. I looked more and more like a pet cat. And I loved it.

Today I’m a full time house cat and people love me. And I love them! I lay on the bed and eat yummy wet food everyday. I don’t have mice to chase no longer but sometimes I try and hunt down Enyas hamster. It’s great fun. But there’s a big tortoise in the house. I believe he is a bit evil. I stay out of his sight and treat him with respect. I believe the bullied hamster recruited him as a body guard. Anymeow, I guess what I’d like to say to you is: Give people a chance. Not all of them are bad. If you see the goodness in them – they may just treat you right. I know my humans do. But remember… whatever you do… never EVER… trust squirrels or tortoises.

With cute (but street cool) purrrrrs,

Shawn – the Ex Gangsta Cat


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