Gynxy – Master of Dogs


Meowwwrrruff! My two legged friends call me Gynxy. My four legged friends call me “Master of Dogs.” I rule them. I own them. They simply know not to mess with me.

Being the “Master of Dogs” comes with great responsibility. First of all you need to look like million bucks at all times. Be sure your fur looks marvelous and shiny. This is why I take baths. All. The. Time. I bathe in the kitchen sink, in the bathroom… basically anywhere I can find water. It would be a great sacrifice for a normal cat. But not for Gynxy – the Master of Dogs.

One of my numerous responsibilities is to go on walks with the dogs. I make sure they don’t misbehave. I tell them where to wee and where not. If I tell them to jump, they ask “But Gynxy – how high?” I rule them with my extreme level of authority. One could say I am supernatural. Honestly, I can’t tell you they’d be wrong. I am brilliant.

Me human mummy Felicity is a lucky lady to have me. I seriously do not know how she would cope without me. I don’t mind working for my mummy, she is great. She understands that Master Of Dogs’ tummy needs to be full at all times and she makes sure I always have all the pet products I need. But most of all… she let’s me bathe everywhere and anywhere around the flat. I believe she is extremely happy to have me in her life. I am too.

Would you like to become “Master of Dogs” as well? Let me tell you: it is NOT easy. But anyone can learn. Leave your questions & comments below or send me a paw-mail (my secretary Seamus will forward me any mail I get: and learn from the best.

With meowwwwrrrufffs,
Gynxy – Master of Dogs



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