Brrrrrwuf my furry friends! I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know… MY PAWS ARE FREEZING!!! But the good news is – there’s some of that white fluffy stuff on the yard again! I’ve been digging and attacking doggy eating monsters (my humans call them my imaginary friends, whatever that may mean…) so it’s great FUN! My Momma put those silly shoey things on my paws the other day. Very annoying. I decided they burn and hurt my paws so I can’t move at all, I simply stare at my Momma until she removes them. Works like a charm!

Anywoof, I made a New Year’s resolution! I’ve decided to get wuffloads of new friends! Are you my new friend? I can write a story about you! Simply send me a paw-mail: and introduce yourself!

Stay warm and woof on,





2 thoughts on “Brrrrrrrr

  1. Seamus, you’re right! There are monsters everywhere in my yard too! They think they can hide in the white stuff, but I know they’re there, so I woof and growl and make them run away! – Baltazar


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