Vooff…wroooff.. wuf? Ok – I can’t do it. Hi there friends! I know this blog is about dogs but I wanted to be a little bunny rebel and say hi. My name is Loki. I first lived in a family which had a lot of kids and other animals. My humans had to move to a place that wouldn’t accept any pets (I think kids were ok) so one day they took me on a car ride. I met two new humans who took me home. At this new home there were two other bunnies and a dog. My fellow bunnies didn’t approve of me right away but the doggie and I became best friends. We would hop around together and lie on the couch napping. It was great fun and I felt like I found a life-long friend.

At some point my fellow bun-buns started to tolerate me. I tried to boss them around (just a little bit) to see if I could be the boss. That was NOT a good idea. The other bun-bun Ronin is very fluffy. The humans sometimes need to shave him so he can move more freely. He looks very silly after being shaved. It makes me want to bully him… just a little bit. Usually the dog and I poke him around but then the boss bunny, Baby, puts an end to it. He’s a big fat party pooper… but these days he’s ok too. Baby doesn’t let us get into trouble, unless he is leading us. He loves to steal all kind of paper and sometimes he takes treats from the dog. One time he ate a cookie made out of chicken. I still don’t know why our humans freaked out about it. I thought it was funny.

We all got to go on an airplane! We had a huge travel box full of comfy towels and hay. We traveled for a long time and arrived at “Customs” where everyone were laughing when they saw us. I don’t know why, I tried to look very tough and scary. We have moved around a lot but our pack always stays together. Even the dog! He hangs out with us and chows down some fresh hay every now and then. Some time ago we were able to go outside and eat green grass! I loved it and would jump around like crazy! The dog seemed to be very worried about us and would herd us back in the house after we had been out “long enough.” I can’t wait to get back out there! Right now there’s white, cold, wet stuff on the ground and it hurts my little bunny paws. But my humans tell me that soon enough we’ll be re-united with our salad land.

Ok – got to go. Baby stole something from the dog and I need to go investigate. Sometimes I’m quicker than our old leader and I am able to grab the treat and run away to eat it!

Hop on!






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