WROUFF From Phoenix Arizona!


My name is Benson and I’m the luckiest dog in the world. My human takes me everywhere. I mean, all around different sniffing grounds. It’s woofsome. My human likes to hike a lot and I have really cool stuff, like hiking gear, shoes, bags, bowls… you name it! I get to carry my own stuff around while we’re on our adventures. I think it makes me look rrrruff. This summer it was super hot and although in my sniffing ground – Arizona – it’s summer all the time, it was too hot to be outside. Right now it’s a bit cooler so we’re able to be out more and continue our adventures!

Sometimes my human takes me to a sniffing ground called “the Beach”. I hear some people talking about California. It’s great fun! There’s tons of stuff to do and people are all gathered around the water eating all kinds of snacks. I do my best to look incredibly cute (I am REALLY good at it) so they’d share their pig ears with me. Most of the times they do.

We also have a tiny house made out of fabric that my human packs into her hiking gear. It’s mind boggling, really. Sometimes we stay out over night while hiking and she pulls the tiny house out of her bag and builds it – in just a few minutes! I think she has some serious magic powers, my human. We sleep in the tiny house and somehow she is able to pack it in the morning, and off we go again! WOW! How cool is that?! My magic powers are a bit different, I’m able to eat all of our snacks over night without anyone noticing. I think we make a kick butt team.

Anywoof, Seamus told me I should poke my snout in here and say WOOF! It’s great to find new friends all over the world. Now I need to run, my human seems to be packing our bags again… Who knows where she’s taking me this time!

Happy adventures,




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