WUFFF-RUFF from Maine, USA!


My pretty face is called Rosie. My human calls me “Rosie-COME!” and I used to be “Seamus-NO -JUMPING!’s” girlfriend. We both lived in the sniffing ground Maine – I still do. When I was a cute little puppy girl, I lived in a place full of dogs. I was very young and I don’t remember a lot from it because my eyes never fully opened until later on in life. I like to think that there was not much to see until my human, Cara, came to take me home. And boy do I have the most amazing home ever! It’s a wiggly-butt-heaven! At some point Human-Cara brought home this other doggy she calls Chunk. At first I was a little upset about Chunk-the-Newbie, but I guess it’s nice to have company. I still think he’s a total dork though.

Human-Cara works with dog shelters and rescues a lot so we constantly have doggy visitors. She calls our house “Camp Cara” because of all the doggy friends that come and play with us. It is a lot of fun. At some point I like to be left alone though – this is why I have my own chair where no-one else is allowed to come and bother me. I like to think of myself as the Queen of Camp Cara. Human-Cara says she would get me a crown if I didn’t immediately eat it.

My ex – Seamus-NO-JUMPING! – and I still talk every now and then. He told me his Human-Momma is now working with something called Aptus and also Paw Map. I’m not 100% sure, but I think they are cookies. Somehow I am also involved with these cookies and there for some-what famous in different sniffing grounds. I’m hoping this means they’re sending me tons of treats – I am the Queen after all and I don’t look cute for free. Actually I think Chunk-the-Newbie should take over the posing as that dork LOVES the camera. I only pose for treats.

Anywoof, I better get going. I saw our newest visitor eye-balling my Queen’s seat earlier. She’s just a puppy so I doubt she’ll be able to climb on my throne – but better safe than sorry.


Queen Rosie (and dorky Chunk)caras


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