Seamus The Great here!


My name is Seamus. You may recognize my extra handsome face from pages called “” and “” My Momma won’t shut up about them. She is constantly taking pictures of me and makes me wear all kinds of silly, dorky clothes and shoes. Then she giggles for hours, telling me how many “likes” I’ve gotten. At first I thought “likes” were something I could eat. Then she started to talk about “shares”, so I immediately stopped listening. I never share my food.

I have traveled and lived in many different sniffing grounds. Currently I sniff and run around a ground my Momma calls “Finland.” I love it here. It reminds me of another sniffing ground of mine, my peeps call it “Maine.” Every now and then there’s this white, cold stuff on the ground, which I love! I pretend to find tiny but dangerous monsters under the white-cold-piles, jumping and chasing them around in circles. You should try it, it’s tons of fun. Especially when your human gets all embarrassed and covers their face as other humans walk by asking “What’s wrong with your dog?” Great fun, that white stuff.  The only downside is that my Momma makes me wear these silly booties that make me look way less tough than I actually am. As a cherry on top, she also makes me wear “winter clothes…” They make me look like a fluffy poodle… the OPPOSITE of the dangerous Lion-like-creature I am. But – off the record – I DO like one of my dorky winter sweaters… it’s a blue shark fleece which my American GrandMa gave me last winter. But let’s keep this information to ourselves; the humans don’t need any encouragement with their clothing shenanigans.

One sniffing ground was very different from the others I’ve been to. In human language it’s called “California.” I myself call it “Always-thirsty-ground”. There was never any white, fluffy stuff on the ground and every time we went out for a walk, it was super-hot and I got really thirsty only in a few minutes. During our thirsty, hot hikes Momma always mumbled about Finland, Aptus, electrolytes and something called “a heat stroke”. Seeing Momma so worried made me almost miss my dorky winter gear. Almost. The other special thing about “Always-thirsty-ground” was snakes. Rattle snakes. They are these funny wiggly things which don’t have legs and they rattle at you. I always found them to be so much fun but Momma never let me play with them! Such a party-pooper. Now a days she always mumbles how Paw Map would have been “great to have in California.” I’m still not sure if Paw Map is something I can eat… I will find out and report straight to you guys.

Anywoof, I’ve found tons of furry friends along my travels and you can now meet them as well! My blog is about my friends around the globe (or as I say: around the Sniffing Ball) and their adventures. I will check in every now and then to let you know about new, yummy things I’ve eaten – with or without my Momma’s approval.

Until then, sniff on!




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