Ms. Tiny and Mr. Baltazar


Once upon a time there were two best puppy buddies, Ms. Tiny and Mr. Baltazar, aka Wacko. Ms. Tiny never realized why people were always afraid of her, after all she just wanted to cuddle and sleep all the time. Yet, passers-by would whisper when they saw her: “That’s a pit bull, get away from it. It’s dangerous”. Wacko ignored them and made Ms. Tiny do the same.


Both of them used to love running around their yard or in a nearby dog park, playing fetch with their human, Luna. When they got tired, they would go inside and snuggle up next to her. She loved them to bits and would jump through fire for them. However, Luna had to go away for the weekend and she left the puppies with another human she always called Mom, though that name sounded silly to them. The day after Luna left, Mom noticed Ms. Tiny wasn’t feeling too well after their morning walk to the dog park. She didn’t want to eat, but it was summer and scorching hot… Maybe she didn’t have an appetite? A couple more hours went by, and Ms. Tiny started pacing about, seemingly in a confused manner. Another hour went by, and then the vomiting started. The other human was a bit worried, but decided not to call Luna just yet in case this was a one-time tummy ache. 


It wasn’t.


The vomiting DIDN’T subside, it only got worse. Ms. Tiny was even more confused and scared than Mom was since she didn’t understand what was happening. They all went outside for a walk, to the park they always play in, and now her whole world was changing. She was in pain and something strange was happening to her tummy. Everything was blurred. Luna was away, Wacko was trying to help, but his waggy tail and big ears didn’t know what to do. He tried to cheer her up with bad jokes, but it didn’t work. Bad jokes ALWAYS work, why weren’t they working now? His best friend was really, really ill, but why? This morning they were both running around and having fun, and now something was seriously not right. The other human grabbed some kind of strange device, started talking into it and Wacko heard a familiar name being mentioned, “Luna, you have to come home. Something’s wrong with Tiny and I don’t know what to do”. 


Luna arrived just in time for the worst part. Now the hyperventilating started and Ms. Tiny’s gums were bleeding. Her tongue was changing color and her mouth went completely dry. This beautiful, cuddly brown creature went from being a strong and healthy-looking dog to a walking skeleton in a matter of hours. Even Luna’s voice couldn’t help Wacko’s best friend, who was all but giving up the short, agonizing fight with an unknown enemy that was shattering her whole world. Not knowing what else to do, Luna rushed Ms. Tiny to the only person she thought could save her precious Tiny pup. Hettiene, the Vet. 


As soon as he saw Ms. Tiny, his ever-smiling face changed completely. 


“This is a textbook example of poisoning. You have to go, but leave her here and I’ll keep you posted”, he said. “Will she be okay?” Luna asked in a quivering voice. She looked at Hettiene and was waiting for that encouraging look in his face, the one he’s had ever since she brought in Ms. Tiny for her first shot several years ago. “I don’t know”, he replied in such a way that Luna nearly broke down and started crying out loud. 


Never in her life had Ms. Tiny felt so alone and afraid. Everything was spinning, she was weak, tired, confused. She missed her Wacko, she even missed him poking her around when the only thing she wanted to do was sleep. She could sleep now too. That’s it! All she needed to do was sleep, and it would all be okay. She wouldn’t hurt anymore. She would simply drift off and that would be it.


Time passed. She didn’t know how long she’d been lying in that strange room all alone and she didn’t know if it was today or tomorrow. But what Ms. Tiny did know was that she heard a familiar voice: “She’s not in the clear yet, but she’s doing a bit better”. It was the voice of the human who always has a happy face and feeds her treats. She was still all drowsy and had to go back to sleep. In a few hours, she was woken up by yet another familiar voice, a familiar smell and a familiar touch. It was her one and only human, Luna. The only one she wanted to see now and to be with, but she didn’t stay for long because Ms. Tiny had a long road of recovery ahead of her. Luckily, the smiley human, Hettiene, was keeping her company and her stay in that strange room with a bunch of scary instruments wasn’t as bad as it could have been.


After almost a whole week, Ms. Tiny was released and went home with her human. Wacko was there and Mom was there and her warm bed was there too. She was back where she felt safe and the horrid fight for survival was behind her. 


Ms. Tiny and Wacko never understood what really happened, nor why it happened. They couldn’t comprehend why anyone would ever want to harm another living being by leaving bad, poisonous treats lying around in dog parks. These are supposed to be places of fun, joy and happiness, and not cautionary tales. Wacko never did forget that he almost lost his best friend, though Ms. Tiny was just happy to have been given a second chance to be with her Wacko and Luna. This human-doggy world is a curious place to be in, so why not explore it a bit more and live happily ever after?


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