WROUFF From Phoenix Arizona!

My name is Benson and I’m the luckiest dog in the world. My human takes me everywhere. I mean, all around different sniffing grounds. It’s woofsome. My human likes to hike a lot and I have really cool stuff, like hiking gear, shoes, bags, bowls… you name it! I get to carry my own stuff … Continue reading WROUFF From Phoenix Arizona!


Ms. Tiny and Mr. Baltazar

Once upon a time there were two best puppy buddies, Ms. Tiny and Mr. Baltazar, aka Wacko. Ms. Tiny never realized why people were always afraid of her, after all she just wanted to cuddle and sleep all the time. Yet, passers-by would whisper when they saw her: “That’s a pit bull, get away from … Continue reading Ms. Tiny and Mr. Baltazar

WUFFF-RUFF from Maine, USA!

My pretty face is called Rosie. My human calls me “Rosie-COME!” and I used to be “Seamus-NO -JUMPING!’s” girlfriend. We both lived in the sniffing ground Maine – I still do. When I was a cute little puppy girl, I lived in a place full of dogs. I was very young and I don’t remember … Continue reading WUFFF-RUFF from Maine, USA!

Seamus The Great here!

My name is Seamus. You may recognize my extra handsome face from pages called “Aptuspet.com” and “PawMap.com” My Momma won’t shut up about them. She is constantly taking pictures of me and makes me wear all kinds of silly, dorky clothes and shoes. Then she giggles for hours, telling me how many “likes” I’ve gotten. … Continue reading Seamus The Great here!